Editorial Policy


The editorial policy of "ECONOMICS – Innovative and Economics Research Journal" (ECONOMICS) is conducted by editorial board, international editorial board, editor in chief, editor in chief assistants, technical editor and graphic design editor.

The invitation for submission of papers is published on the website of Oikos Institute - Research Centre (http://oikosinstitut.org/) and the website of ECONOMICS (https://economicsrs.com/index.php/eier/index), and lasts for about three (3) months. All papers are submitted to: editorial.papers.economics@gmail.com and ECONOMICS on line platform: https://economicsrs.com/index.php/eier/login , and are registered as they are received.

Editorial board analyses and sorts the Papers according to their fields of research and submits them to the technical editor who verifies its technical formatting, links and uses dedicated software to verify whether the paper was genuine or perhaps plagiarized.

Afterwards, the Papers are submitted under a code for peer review, by competent university professors specializing in a given scientific discipline. The principle of double-blind peer review is strictly followed, in which the professor reviewing the paper has no knowledge on who the author of the paper is, nor the author has any information on the person reviewing his paper.

Once the papers are positively evaluated, they are submitted for proofreading.

When the proofreader performs his duty, all the papers are sent to the authors for necessary corrections, modifications and finishing.

Once the translation is complete, all the papers that have passed the review are submitted to the technical editor for formatting and integration into the journal. The final phase is marked by submitting all the papers, including anonymous reviews, to the editor in chief, who,

together with the editorial board proposes publishing and categorization of the papers (Original scientific paper, Preliminary communication, Conference paper, Review paper, Professional paper).

Following the signature of the editor in chief, the papers are forwarded to the printing office with which the Institute has signed a contract for printing 300 copies of each Journal issue.

The final step is to deliver the Journal to the relevant libraries, all the authors, universities, faculties and anyone interested in Journals of such type.

Publishing fee is in accordance with the calculation on the link .

Theauthors are expected to make the payment once their article is approved by the reviewers, prior to publishing the Journal.



                                                                                                                      EDITORIAL BOARD

                                                                                                                          Editor in Chief

                                                                                                                 Professor Dr. Stelios Bekiros